Via dei Pescatori 56
55049 Viareggio

PHONE  +39 0584 39671
WEBSITE  vsy.it
EMAIL  info@vsy.it


VSY is an Italian shipyard inspired by the philosophy of a family of Italian entrepreneurs. Its aim is to produce prestigious superyachts over 60 metres in length that make a distinctive mark in the world market. To this end, it has made considerable investments in human resources, infrastructure and technology.

In 2004, VSY took the decision to create a dedicated facility. This was designed not to respond to short-term economic interests but rather to establish a groundbreaking new approach to the whole business of designing and building yachts. Issues regarding modelling and working in steel, wood, glass or marble – and all the rest – came second. Respect for the sea remained a constant.

VSY combines master craftsmanship with the Italian flair that characterises the region. Indeed, it is careful to preserve its identity amid a growing culture of global rather than national approaches, offering a vital mix of skilled craftsmanship, expert engineering and avant-garde technology. The VSY trademark is its combination of top-class shipbuilding and cutting-edge know-how with age-old techniques.

VSY maintains a professional rapport not only with the client but also with external suppliers, professionals, consortiums and relevant associations – as well as with the esteemed universities of Pisa, Florence and La Spezia. Premium ship design and engineering require the ability to blaze new trails and to share knowledge and opportunities, and VSY relishes any opportunity to share its expertise with the global superyacht community.

The ongoing search for excellence, comfort and best performance goes hand-in-hand with the desire to create luxury craft that are able to face all of today’s challenges, while respecting the environment. Accordingly, VSY is in line with LRS, ABS and RINA environmental requirements. It has also obtained the highest Green Star certification for the re-emission of clean air and water into the environment, the Maltese Cross for the hull and engine room, Charter Class for guaranteed stability in the event of flooded compartments, and Comfort Class for its low noise and vibration, and the fact that the engine rooms and machinery can function without a crew.

Embracing innovation, updating in real time vessels under construction, selecting its workforce carefully and training it continually, VSY goes above and beyond what is required of a superyacht manufacturer, to deliver the edge in quality that goes hand-in-hand with the ‘Made in Italy’ label.