SYBAss strategic intelligence reports released

SYBAss produces two reports which provide exclusive information for members to empower and inform their individual strategic decision making. At a member meeting held on 6 October 2020, members were presented with the latest versions of these reports.

The first report, the SYBAss Statistics Report, is compiled on a biannual basis and contains information on the number of superyachts delivered over the past year and the number currently under construction. Trends in size, type and build material are also identified. A strength of this report is that data comes from the members themselves with supplementary data provided by SuperYacht Times. Not only does this provide members with an accurate understanding of where the market is, but it allows SYBAss to measure the collective strength of the association. In the mid-year update presented at the meeting, this was reconfirmed with the 21 SYBAss members responsible for 56% of 40m+ yachts currently under construction. In comparison, the remaining 44% were under construction at 60 non-members, exemplifying the leading position of the SYBAss member base.

The second report presented was the SYBAss Economic Report. This was the twelfth edition that SYBAss has prepared for its members with the first written in the middle of the economic crisis in 2009 to provide a deeper understanding of the recession and its impact on the superyacht market. Today, we find ourselves in a similar situation, looking for clarity and an understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our market.

SYBAss Professionalism Meeting

The SYBAss Economic Report looks at the state of the world economy and its impact on buyers of superyachts, allowing members to better understand the superyacht market. It does so by using leading market research from institutes like the IMF and OECD, sophisticated analysis using detailed information from the Forbes Billionaire List and the 2019 Global Wealth Report of the Boston Consulting Group and through specific in-depth analyses on ownership and launches of superyachts based on data provided by SuperYacht Times, further complemented with interviews with leading superyacht designers and suppliers.

The report’s authors, former Boston Consulting Group analysts Erik Floor and Jasper Fonteijn, presented the highlights from the report at the virtual meeting. In their presentation, they spoke of the exceptional downturn that the world economy had experienced and how this had affected the number of orders and launches.¬†They also noted that billionaire growth continued to outpace superyacht ownership, suggesting that the industry do more to create a seamless owner experience along the entire customer journey, improve the perception of superyachting, and achieve an increase in sustainability and innovation.

Both the SYBAss Economic Report and SYBAss Statistics Report are produced exclusively for SYBAss members. SYBAss members can access the reports through the Members Area. In addition, recordings of both presentations are available.