Superyacht Life launches collaborative initiative to share the virtues of a yachting lifestyle

Superyacht Life will disseminate a powerful and positive yachting message to new audiences who are not yet engaged in yachting.

Superyachts provide families with the freedom to travel around the world in the comfort of their own seaworthy homes – no matter where in the world they roam or what adventurous hobbies they enjoy. Superyachts also allow for a private and controlled environment, free from many of the paparazzi and safety concerns of land-based leisure activities. To celebrate that lifestyle, and the freedom it provides, Superyacht Life will disseminate a powerful and positive yachting message to new audiences who are not yet engaged in yachting.

Superyacht Life was officially launched at the Monaco Yacht Show on 26 September. The initiative made its splash by introducing an innovative and compelling marketing programme that brings together companies from across the industry. This high-profile group, including would-be competitors, are working side by side on a shared goal: growing the superyacht market.

Michael Breman, board member, stated, “We all try to achieve this on our own as individual companies. There was this idea that if we are united, we have a louder voice and can reach a bigger audience”.

Superyacht Life is a unique collective marketing initiative in which companies from across the superyacht industry have banded together for a cost-effective and time-efficient effort. Combining the efforts of an entire industry into one orchestrated campaign benefits everyone in the industry, even if they are competing in the same market. This is why you’ll see executives from some of the top shipyards – Michael Breman of Lürssen Yachts, Farouk Nefzi of Feadship, and Lucia Bellini of Benetti Yachts – sitting side by side on the organization’s board.

The launch of The Superyacht Life Foundation hosted these executives along with Carlos Vidueira of Rybovich Marina (board president), Charlie McCurdy of Informa Exhibitions (the owner of the Monaco Yacht Show) and Theo Hooning of the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) in an intimate talk during an exclusive press event. The speakers discussed the appeal of the superyacht lifestyle, the current state of the superyacht industry, barriers to yacht ownership, and their ambitious plans for a collective approach to share this inspiring lifestyle with the world.

Carlos Vidueira, board president, explained, “Everybody has identified that we need to improve the image of our industry, but the effort has been very fragmented. Through coordinating the message and its delivery, we can achieve much more than what we are able to accomplish alone”.

About The Superyacht Life Foundation
The Superyacht Life programme was initiated in 2013 as a collective marketing programme by the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) aimed at Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) who were not yet engaged in yachting. Until 2016, the programme consisted primarily of a high-end magazine about luxury which hinted at the benefits of living the superyacht lifestyle. The programme included a website and social media content.

As of January 2017, the programme has been continued by The Superyacht Life Foundation, an entity separate from SYBAss and led by figures from the superyacht industry of whom four have a direct link with SYBAss. The foundation aims to create a general perception of yachting as a wholesome, family-oriented lifestyle that provides successful individuals with the freedom to travel around the world in comfort and privacy. This improved perception will facilitate the growth of the superyacht market.

Discover the people and places behind the superyachting good life on Superyacht Life’s new website.