SYBAss welcomes new technical and environmental director

Lorenzo Pollicardo has been appointed as the new Technical and Environmental Director for the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss).

Pollicardo will succeed the retiring Hans Huisman as per 1 February 2019 and brings 30 years of experience in the yachting industry to the team. Pollicardo’s appointment comes at a significant time for SYBAss’ involvement in the regulatory field. Since acquiring consultative status within the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2011, SYBAss has actively monitored the regulatory developments affecting all ocean-going vessels including superyachts, along with regular consultation with various flag states including the Red Ensign Group (REG), Malta and Marshall Islands and technical bodies such as ISO. Having a Technical and Environmental Director now employed on a full-time basis will assist in advancing SYBAss’ role from primarily monitoring, to structurally influencing, representing the unique needs of the industry. This increased involvement reflects the growing complexity and importance of regulations and standards.

“We are very pleased to have found a successor for Hans Huisman, which was certainly not an easy task,” comments Theo Hooning, secretary general of SYBAss. “With his experience, know-how, international network and character, Hans brought SYBAss and the industry-at-large to another level. One of his many accomplishments was the key role he played in the development of the new REG Yacht Code. Hans’ work has laid the foundation for SYBAss to take on more of an influencer role. It was therefore imperative that his successor had significant experience in naval architecture, design, shipbuilding and, crucially, the maritime political arena. I am pleased to say that Lorenzo is well-equipped to represent the superyacht industry in the regulatory world.”

“Representing SYBAss members in front of IMO, flag states and international technical organisations is both an opportunity and a responsibility at the same time. Thanks to SYBAss’ efforts, the superyacht industry has gained an active role in the regulatory making processes, deserving of its position within the maritime sector,” Pollicardo added. “I recognise this and am honoured to play a proactive role in supporting our industry and cooperating with SYBAss members and other associations.”

Lorenzo joins SYBAss from Nautica Italiana where he held the position of Secretary General. He has a background in naval and mechanical engineering and will work both from his home office in Genoa and the SYBAss office in Amsterdam.