Recap: IMO MSC 105

Highlights from the IMO Maritime Safety Committee held virtually, between 20 April to 29 April 2022 and attended by SYBAss.

The 105th session of the Maritime Safety Committee was held remotely from 20 to 29 April 2022. Lorenzo Pollicardo, SYBAss’ Technical and Environmental Director attended the entire Committee to represent SYBAss and has summarised the highlights below.

MSC 105 started with a lengthy discussion on the “Blue safe maritime corridor in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov”. The Committee finally adopted a resolution on “Actions to facilitate the urgent evacuation of seafarers from the war zone area in and around the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov as a result of the Russian Federation aggression against Ukraine”.

The main technical decisions leading to the adoption/approval of regulatory measures are given under the relevant subject headings in this report.

  • Approval of the new SOLAS Chapter XV and mandatory Code addressing safety standards for the carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel (IP Code)
  • Adoption of the amendments to SOLAS Chapters II-1, III, IV and V, the appendix (Certificates) and the 1994 & 2000 HSC Codes
  • Adopted of the MSC resolution on Model Regulations on Domestic Ferry Safety (MRDFS)
  • Agreement on the development of a non-mandatory goal-based Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Code to become effective from 1 January 2024, as an interim measure, and to be finally adopted as a mandatory Code, with enter into force 1 January 2028
  • Approval of Interim Guidelines for the safety of ships using fuel cell power installation

Please note that the presented information reflects the status at the time of MSC 105 and may change as a result of ongoing developments. It is also uncertain at this time whether the mentioned amendments or new regulations will eventually be adopted in future versions of the Red Ensign Group Yacht Codes or other flag codes.