Determination of compensated gross tonnage for superyachts

Together with Delft University of Technology SYBAss has established a CGT factor for superyachts.

In order to make a fair comparison in terms of output between different shipbuilding industries, an indicator is being used to measure the amount of work that goes in the construction of a vessel, called Compensated Gross Tonnage (CGT).

SYBAss commissioned a study to determine a compensated gross tonnage (CGT) factor for superyachts. Conducted by the renowned Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and verified by the University of Genoa in Italy, this indicator measures the amount of work that goes into the construction of a vessel. The study showed that the CGT factor for superyachts is substantially higher than for passenger vessels, with which superyachts are often lumped together. The result offered scientific proof of a point which the superyacht industry had been trying to bring across for some time and is now used to change the perceptions of experts active in other maritime industries as well as regulatory organisations. This report has been made available.