Via Armezzone 3
19031 Ameglia

PHONE  +39 0187 6181


Sanlorenzo has been manufacturing high-quality motor yachts since 1958 and represents a boutique market of the yachting industry. The Italian yard builds a limited number of made-to-measure units per year, each designed and produced according to the requests, the style and the desires of every single owner.

In 2005, Massimo Perotti acquired the Ameglia-based company from its founder Giovanni Jannetti and opened new production sites in Viareggio and La Spezia, with the latter dedicated to the newly established Superyacht Division. Since 2005, the shipyard has experienced extraordinary growth, while maintaining its focus on customizing every single yacht it delivers. In just over half a century, the shipyard has built more than 750 yachts – each one different from the next. Under the management of Massimo Perotti, Sanlorenzo’s turnover has increased from €40 million in 2005 to €200 million in 2010 – and has increased up to €300 million in 2016.

Today, Sanlorenzo’s production is based on 4 ranges of products: planing GRP motor yachts from 78ft to 118ft (SL line), GRP semi-displacement motor yachts from 92ft to 126ft (SD line), the new fast displacement line (SX), and superyachts in metal from 40 to 64 meters (Superyacht Division).

Notable yachts include the planing-hull SL118, exploration vessel 460EXP, which made its world première at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, and 52Steel, the 52-metre flagship of the Sanlorenzo fleet.

Sanlorenzo considers the following values to be the keys to its success: total customization; stable shapes over the trends without flashy stresses; highly skilled manpower; attention to detail; highest quality materials; latest solutions in terms of safety, comfort and performance.

In 10 years, the shipyard was able to climb the ranks of the prestigious Global Order Book, ranking third in the world’s top 20 superyacht builders over 24-meter yachts. Sanlorenzo’s sales network is based on a calibrated number of brand representatives, shipyard embassies in the most strategic locations of international yachting.