Kieler Strasse 53
24768 Rendsburg, Germany

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Celebrating its 115th birthday, Nobiskrug has been involved in shipbuilding since before the term superyacht was even coined.

Drawing upon its extensive experience in building seagoing vessels, Nobiskrug turned to yacht building completing its inaugural project in 2000 with the 92m M/Y Tatoosh – one of the world’s most famous superyachts and a trendsetter at the time.

Since then, Nobiskrug has delivered in excess of 750 vessels, numerous conversions to date and a select portfolio of innovative custom-built superyachts, reflecting the company’s pledge to concentrate on one single project for one single client and build superyachts that will last for generations to come.

Operating from two facilities in northern Germany, Nobiskrug’s locations are shrouded in significant shipbuilding tradition and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The shipyard can cover a building range from 60 to 426 meters, which is the maximum size of the dock available.

Today, the shipyard is best known for the daring and bold custom built superyachts that push the boundaries of design and evolution. A Nobiskrug-built yacht is the antithesis of a mass-produced boat, instead the company’s aim is to transcend the perimeters of imagination and to set new international standards. The delivery of the Sailing Yacht A in 2017 once again confirmed the powerful presence of the shipyard among the leading superyacht builders. Being the ultimate embodiment of 22nd century superyachts, Sailing Yacht A was born from the desire of the owner to push the boundaries of engineering and challenge the status quo of the industry, she is undoubtedly the most visionary projects Nobiskrug has ever been involved in.

The shipyard is also careful to remain up to date with the latest emissions and pollutants legislation, and welcomes this type of reform from the government as it all helps to work towards a cleaner future. From this central point, Nobiskrug brought to life some of the most challenging and visionary superyachts ever built, and have carved out a niche in the industry as the go-to yard for high-performance, aesthetically arresting and engineering-challenging yachts. An example in this regard is the high-tech and environmentally-conscious, hybrid superyacht Artefact – her delivery cements NOBISKRUG as a true innovator in its field.