Delta Marine

1608 S. 96th St.
WA 98108

PHONE  +1 206 763 2383


Located in Seattle, Washington, Delta has a worldwide reputation for producing custom-built luxury yachts of up to 100 metres in length, as well as for repairing all types of vessel to the highest standards. Driven by ideals that have grown stronger throughout the company’s history, Delta Marine places a great emphasis on standard-setting quality. As a world leader in composite construction, Delta pioneered the use of composite superstructures on large steel yachts. It has an in-house design team to offer a complete naval architecture and design service.

Delta Marine aims to make the process of commissioning a yacht a unique experience for the client: the idea is to stimulate the customer’s senses, stir their emotions and stretch their imagination. The Delta experience begins with a site tour. Prospective clients are invited to explore the Delta facilities, talk with the engineers and craftsmen, become familiar with the shipbuilder’s processes and capabilities, and examine yachts currently under construction.

Once a commitment is made to build a yacht, the journey of defining and realising a shared vision begins. Clients and their representatives are encouraged to be intimately involved throughout the whole process: selecting the perfect materials and colours; choosing from the extensive veneer collection; and working with engineers to ensure that bridge controls are designed to the captain’s individual preferences. The Delta experience is built upon a bond of trust between client and the dedicated professionals who share the excitement and thrill of achieving the dream.

Delta’s aim is to ensure that the partnership it forges with every owner results not only in absolute satisfaction, but is also an enjoyable collaboration that lasts from the very first days of the project through many years of satisfied ownership.

As part of that commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, Delta Marine has a dedicated refit and repair division that understands the complex considerations and multiple disciplines required by a sophisticated modern superyacht. This division combines comprehensive capabilities and facilities with engineering expertise to provide innovative and relevant solutions to any repair or refit issues.