Baltic Yachts

Alholmintie 78
68600 Pietarsaari



Baltic Yachts is a world leading builder and developer of hi-tech, high-performance fully custom composite yachts. We combine leading edge design and engineering with more than half a century of yacht building experience and exceptional craftsmanship. We are committed to sustainable innovation and have a unique reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance, luxury and comfort.

Our original values, vision and ethos remain unchanged. We embrace the latest advances in technology; at the same time we’re still true to our founders’ ideals of what constitutes a good boat. Our yachts are lighter and stiffer, faster and stronger, individually tailored and highly efficient. Weight control and structural excellence lead to higher performance and better handling for any sort of boat, racer or cruiser.

As a yacht builder we’re also defined by the extent and scope of customisation that we offer, and by the directions in which our customers choose to take us. Our life blood is innovation. We design, develop and manufacture a very wide range of solutions in house. We also select and work collaboratively with world class external partners and providers, in all sectors of the yachting industry and beyond.

Craftsmanship and build quality have always been key strengths. We are renowned for the longevity, reliability and durability of our yachts, as much as our capacity for innovation. Baltic Yachts Service & Refit, based in Palma, Mallorca continues to grow rapidly as owners adapt and upgrade their yachts, keeping pace with new developments in contemporary design and sailing technology.

Our core values are above all trust and honesty. Passion in our work and the pursuit of innovation. Pride tempered with humility. Courage to take calculated risks and challenge conventional thinking. Commitment to always go the extra mile. That, combined with the calibre of our clients over the years, makes us who we are today.