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19126 La Spezia

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Since 1854, Baglietto’s seagull logo has been a famous symbol in the nautical world of the freedom, escape and adventure represented by the yachtbuilder’s extensive fleet of yachts. Of course, Baglietto has changed substantially since then, but its ethos has remained the same: turning people’s dreams into reality. From the 19th century to the present day, Baglietto has combined innovative materials and techniques with Italian design flair and craftsmanship to tailor-make yachts that meet precisely their owner’s needs and surpass their desires.

Baglietto made a name for itself soon after the turn of the century when it not only launched ‘Giuseppina’ – the largest ‘combustion engine’ cruising yacht ever built in Italy at 22.6 metres long – but also the world’s first hydrofoil. Over the decades since those early days, Baglietto has continued to break new ground in the production of a variety of vessels: pleasure craft, world speed record-breakers, military ships, wooden yachts and the large aluminium yachts for which it is renowned today.

Its long tradition of Italian design and quality, combined with top-level professional skills and facilities, guarantees a prestigious product, beautifully fitted and meticulously finished. More than that, every Baglietto yacht has at its heart its makers’ love of the sea and desire to venture beyond the horizon.

From its state-of-the-art shipyard in La Spezia, Baglietto offers a full range of services. The 35,000sq m area includes a 700-ton travel lift for the haulage of yachts up to 60 metres long and the yard can accommodate up to 12 yachts at any one time. As well as building yachts to owners’ specifications, Baglietto also offers an extensive refit and repair service. Its team of highly qualified professionals and skilled craftsmen can undertake any kind of repair operation, treating every one with the same care and attention to detail that would be afforded to a new yacht build. For this reason, a ‘Refit by Baglietto’ is a guarantee of quality craftsmanship.

Baglietto’s takeover by the Gavio Group marks the start of a new and exciting chapter in the yachtbuilder’s long history, driving its trademark ‘Made in Italy’ style onwards to new levels of innovation and prestige.